-Can you enter with dogs?

Yes, at Palo Market Fest we love dogs. Anyway, he thinks that a lot of people come, ask him before if he wants to.

-Is there to pay entrance fee?

Yes, the Palo Market Fest ticket costs € 5 online.

For health reasons, tickets are not sold at the box office.

Tickets are only sold online to have a visitor registry.

If you buy the ticket online and then you cannot attend the event, we will not refund the money.

Children under 12 years old and people with functional diversity with 1 companion, enter free of charge.

Limited capacity. Due to the reduction in capacity due to COVID, there are no invitations for neighbors.

-What does the ticket include?

Admission to Palo Market Fest includes all concerts and DJs. The entrance to the special program to be confirmed.



The purchase of tickets can only be done from your mobile with the VERSE APP and the process is quick and easy:

1. Choose the date you want to attend and click on "BUY NOW"

2. The VERSE event will open

3. If you are not yet a VERSE user, follow the steps indicated to:

download the APP, register as a new user and buy your tickets.

4. If you are already a VERSE user, buy your tickets directly

5. To access the venue, present, with your MOBILE PHONE, the proof of payment in your VERSE account

If you buy your ticket and you are a new VERSE user, we will give you € 1 that you can use to pay for your drinks at the venue. We hope you enjoy your visit to PALO MARKET FEST

-You can pay by card?

Yes,  and bars always and many exhibitors also facilitate card payment.

-Do the neighbors have to pay entrance fee?

Due to the reduction in capacity, we do not have free tickets for residents until further notice.

-What days are you open?

We open the first full weekend of each month.

-What hours does the Market have?

Two visiting shifts, from 12:00 to 17:00 and from 17:30 to 22:00. Saturday and Sunday

From 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. the site will be evicted to make way for the second visit.

-Is there access for people with functional diversity?

There are areas within the enclosure that are not paved, however, we try to put all the facilities for the comfortable circulation of people with reduced mobility.

At the Staff door they will indicate the protocol and help you with everything you need, in addition, people with functional diversity and reduced mobility and their companion will have free entry to the event.

-Is there gluten-free and vegan food?

We always try to have a display with food of each option.

-Is there any parking nearby?

Yes, there is a free car park in  Calle Llull 350 with Diagonal.

-Are there activities for children?

Not in all editions, to make sure you better check the schedule for each month on our website or on our Facebook page.



-Do you have to pay to participate?

Yes, the rates are detailed on our website in frequently asked questions or once you register as an exhibitor.

-How can I participate?

The only way to participate is by registering on our website and passing the selection process.

-I have sent my application and they have not told me anything yet.

There are many candidates and the selection process is very careful.

Both in case of being selected or rejected, you will receive an e-mail in response to your contact mail.

The application does not guarantee participation.

-I have already made the payment and I cannot request the accreditations.

The accreditations will be available one week before the event, once you have received the entry protocol, you can request them through your user in the "request accreditations" button.

-Can you participate for just one day?

No, Palo Market Fest is held throughout the weekend and you have to participate both full days.

-To questions such as: what happens if it rains, I have electricity, is the furniture included in the price, how big is my stand, can the stand be shared, etc.?

You can consult all your doubts here. We would greatly appreciate reading everything carefully before calling on the phone.